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Digital marketing is my life. Seriously. I’ve been doing it every day since 2006 and I love it. I got my start back when Facebook had just expanded their network beyond college campuses, before Twitter even existed and back when Digg was king of the user-generated content game. Every day I work on ways to spread messages, tell stories, create emotion and bring attention to my various clients in the digital sphere. I’ve also had the privilege of studying digital marketing from an academic standpoint. As a part of my masters program at Arizona State University, I studied the psychological and sociological motivators behind how humans communicate in the digital world. I’ve been blending this academic research with real-world experience ever since.

2014 present

Scottsdale Arts

Digital Marketing Manager

As the Digital Marketing Manager for Scottsdale Arts (formerly Scottsdale Cultural Council), I’m responsible for all of the Council’s digital efforts. Scottsdale Arts includes the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale Public Art, Scottsdale International Film Festival and the Scottsdale Arts Festival. I define my job in two different funnels: communication and functionality. As the manager of digital communications for Scottsdale Arts, I’m in charge of messaging across numerous devices: email marketing, social media management and advertising, content marketing, graphics and design, website updates, web analytics, video production and SEO. As the manager of digital functionality, I’m responsible for making sure that our online ticketing systems are working properly. This includes: pricing, promotional pricing, pricing hierarchy (specific patrons get specific discounts), large on-sales, I’m also responsible for the 10 websites throughout the organization. This includes building, maintaining and expanding web functionality for all the organizations under Scottsdale Arts’ umbrella.

2013 2014


Social Media Specialist

As the Social Media Marketing Specialist at Vemma, I was in charge of communicating Vemma’s message across multiple social media channels. Since the company’s primary audience is younger adults, social media is the #1 way the message is being delivered.

I spent my days turning Vemma’s communication plan into engaging social media posts, curating content from our vast network of affiliates, engaging and responding to community inquiries, developing new campaigns, reporting on results and monitoring industry trends to improve Vemma’s overall presence.

2011 2013


Social Media & Content Producer

As the social media and content producer at IWS, I oversaw innovative campaigns from conception to completion for a wide variety of clients. While my speciality was creating campaigns utilizing social media, I also assisted in project management, client relations, public relations, design and development as well as high level research and analysis. I also oversaw and executed large ad campaigns and editorial processes on various social networks.

2009 2011

Eight, Arizona PBS

Creative Services

As a member of the Creative Services department at Eight, Arizona PBS, I assisted in a wide variety of digital, print and interactive projects. My days mostly consisted of editing video into shorter, web-optimized clips for online consumption; editing the monthly members-only magazine, developing social media strategies, community engagement in social networks and ongoing maintenance of station web properties.

2006 2009

Empirical Marketing

Social Media Specialist

As the Social Media Specialist for Empirical Marketing I was responsible for content creation across multiple social networks. I managed a team of content writers that created content for various social networks and blogs. My average day consisted of creating editorial calendars for various web properties, managing my content writers and directing them to create SEO and social media friendly content that would advance the image, engagement and traffic of our brands across emerging networks.


2009 2011

Arizona State University

Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

For my M.A.I.S. I studied communication trends in digital technology. My graduate thesis research project centered around existing human communication trends and how they translated to the evolving digital world.

2002 2006

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

For my B.A.I.S. I studied historical business trends.


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